Complete the online form below to submit a reimbursement for your award under the ARPA Relief Grants. Invoices may be submitted all at once or as work is completed. Once processed, reimbursements will take up to 30 days for payment.

Reimbursement is open for the three subcontract libraries under the eBooks grant, the ARPA Tech grant, and Digital Inclusion grant. For the other 57 libraries under the eBooks grant, the vendor will direct bill GPLS for your purchases.

Please note that invoices can only be submitted for reimbursement if:

    • Items have been received and paid

    • Installation has been completed

    • After the month has passed for monthly plans

Please include the following in one PDF packet:

    1. GPLS invoice noting the name of the grant and items included for payment (see example).

    2. Vendor invoices for all items on GPLS invoice.

    3. Proof of payment for each vendor invoice included.

    4. Proof of receipt of items, such as packing slips or photos.